life is funny

 or maybe I should

 say life is confusing

 just when I think

I am passed the wall

 it comes back and smacks

me in the face

 it is okay though

 I won’t stay down




Sometimes the silence makes me sad

 I don’t know why

 More fun to be had?

 That’s not it

 not fun for me

 I am still searching

 how to be

 to be true

 without any


the question

 Sometimes it’s all in the question

 the look in someones eyes

 they need to know someone cares

 we all need to realize

 to show love to others

 is easy if we try

 just a heartfelt

 “how are you”?

 as they pass by

the calling

 The desire is not to rise above the calling

 the desire is to follow the calling

 follow the path

 stay on the road

 Journeys though not always inspirational

 are always educational

 live, learn, feel, follow



 The scene is water

 all around

 lots of puddles

 lots of mud

 what does it mean

 it is still

 except for a few

 ripples from the birds

 as they drink

 the water is brown

 the color of stability

 could that be true

 to find stability

 in brown water


 White and yellow turn mellow

 before fading to gray

 How to keep a dream alive

 from day to day

 If I find the secret

 I will surely let you know

 There is hope all around

 if you never let it go


 The thing I find most odd about writing is my writing journals.  I have lots of ideas so I jot them down, then when I go back to them, I think “did I write that”?

 This is one of those. It is from my school car line journal.

 Things look good today

 alternate between the before and after

 Is there something more

 waiting is the lesson

 patience with time

 follow the pathway

 stay in line

 Keep focused